Machine Guidance

The Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System offers flexible machine guidance for virtually any machine type.

Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System

Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System Overview

Trimble GuidEx is an advanced machine navigation solution intended to quickly and efficiently guide machines along route corridors or to point/pad targets, while providing local awareness using exclusion and inclusion zones.

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Features and Benefits

For ultimate flexibility and mobility, install and quickly calibrate the GuidEx system on anything from utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) to heavy equipment, on or off road.

Designed for Operational Efficiency

GuidEx provides streamlined design stakeout navigation to eliminate pre-survey stakeout operations.

  • Navigate to an exact point without stakes or surveyors, saving time and money
  • Track machines by time or user-defined event triggers for an accurate representation of the time and cost of a project
  • Pad navigation and user-customized task tracking allows for more accurate contractor payout
  • Corridor navigation enables contractors to efficiently operate on a user-defined track, avoiding rework, obstacles and protected areas
  • Limited cut/fill functionality

Improve Awareness and Minimize Error

Set exclusion and inclusion zones to make sure work is done exactly where it should be—and nowhere else.

  • Avoid sensitive and/or protected areas, and dangerous hazards
  • Decrease time and money wasted on unnecessary land-clearing
  • Stay within a specified corridor or area without guesswork

Fully Connected

Using Trimble GuidEx Connect, GuidEx connects equipment to the office to keep everyone up-to-date.

  • Send updated mapping data (SHP, DEM, CSV and XML files) to machines to avoid rework, via USB or over the air from the office
  • Comprehensive data logging sent to the office for daily activity tracking, including: position, time, speed, heading, pitch, roll, GNSS quality, inclusion/exclusion zone status
  • More efficiently track pad statuses as they are constructed

Intuitive Software, Rugged Hardware

Built to meet the needs of resource exploration activities but can be used in many more applications, this system improves productivity and awareness with easy, efficient, task-specific navigation, featuring colorful graphics and a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System

Corridor Navigation

GuidEx provides crossline navigation along predefined routes via an integrated light bar, including visual and audible alarms when operators breach user-defined distances from a centerline.

Corridor navigation allows users to efficiently complete a range of tasks including clearing paths for access routes, snow plowing, clearing vegetation for utility right of ways and maintenance, coarse road construction and more.

Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System

Point and Pad Navigation

GuidEx also provides point/pad navigation information with intuitive navigational arrows, supported by a wide variety of data recording settings. 

GuidEx provides streamlined design-stakeout navigation to eliminate the need for advance survey stakeout operations, ideal for drilling activities, core sampling operations and more.

Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System

Flexibility for the Way You Work
GuidEx software supports a variety of functions and file types:

  • Aerial imagery in a wide variety of formats
  • ESRI shape files—can be configured for use as either exclusion or inclusion zones
  • Digital elevation models to provide a clear picture of surroundings
  • CSV files for design point targets
  • Warnings can be set for machine pitch and roll threshold breaches
  • Proximity and zone breach alarms are displayed on screen and recorded to the log database for reference
  • Option for single or dual antenna solution
Trimble GuidEx Machine Guidance System

Proven Trimble Components

  • Rugged 10-inch (25.4 cm) Trimble TD520 Display touchscreen Android tablet
  • Trimble BX992 GNSS Receiver with advanced 336 channel GNSS
  • Configurations for NMEA output, Pulse Per Second (PPS) and trigger event support
  • Optional SNM modem for cell / Wi-Fi activities and SNR on-machine UHF radio for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) operations

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